Commercial Printing Experts

When it comes to commercial printing in Indianapolis, Shirley Engraving is a market leader with the experience and expertise to complete your job in a worry-free atmosphere. We have a rigid process that we follow to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. Our goal is that you are satisfied not only with our process but more importantly with the product and services you receive. That is why we adhere to the following steps to make sure your commercial printing job is done right.


At Shirley Engraving, our prepress team begins the manufacturing process and prepares all of the technical information required for a high quality printing outcome. Utilizing your desired copy, fonts, photos and graphics, our experienced prepress team creates digital files to produce press plates to run on our presses.

To complement our state-of-the-art people, Shirley Engraving has invested heavily in state-of-the-art Kodak® equipment. These investments ensure that your project is of the highest quality, differentiating you from your competition. These investments also ensure our workflow is highly efficient, minimizing your costs.

In fact, Shirley Engraving is so highly regarded that we are a beta tester for new Kodak technologies. This provides Shirley Engraving a leading position to direct the industry in the technologies of the future. As a result, Shirley Engraving is able to stay ahead of our competition so your printed project can stay ahead of yours.

In addition to using Kodak® systems of hardware and software, Shirley Engraving supports both Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems and has the most current software on both platforms to support all your content. Among others, our prepress department works with software from the following vendors: AdobeCorelMacromedia,Microsoft, and Quark. All files are backed-up and stored off-site for security purposes.

As a client of Shirley Engraving, you can feel good knowing that the services performed by the Shirley Engraving prepress team are environmentally safe and use a minimum amount of chemicals.

Prepress Services:

  • Macintosh G5 Work stations
  • Dell Pentium 4 Workstations
  • Kodak Prinergy Workflow
  • Kodak Magnus 800 Quantum with Squarespot Technology
  • Kodak MATCHPRINT Proofing System (to ensure color accuracy in matching press to proofs)
  • FTP capability
  • Open Prepress Interface ( OPI )
  • Lo/Hi Res picture replacement

PDF Proof

An electronic “soft proof” sent to your computer in a PDF file. This file will show the size, text, and color of your project on your computer monitor. Please keep in mind that your monitor may not show accurate color.

The PDF file should be much smaller than your original file and may be a lower resolution than that used for printing, as the monitor does not require the high resolution as an image setter does. This proof can be used instead of the composite laser proof, but because of monitor differences we suggest you use a Matchprint Contract Proof for best results on color jobs.

Composite Laser Proof

A black and white proof of a black and white project, or a color job with all colors represented on one sheet. Maximum size 13×19 inches.

Dylux Proof

A color proof which illustrates position, layout, pagination, crossovers and your completed project folded and/or trimmed and ready for distribution. The proof may be two sided depending upon your project.

Matchprint Color Contract Proof

This is a full color digital printout of your project, primarily used when your project is complex or has a wide range of colors. This proof is color calibrated with the Kodak Matchprint color system to match the press on which your project will be produced. The only potential variable will be the paper color of your printed project versus that of the proof.

Proofing Services:

  • Epson 9800 Inkjet Proofer with Capabilities up to 44″ wide
  • Epson 9600 Inkjet Proofer with Capabilities up to 44″ wide
  • Proofers calibrated to match proof to press with superior color consistency and high resolution

Digital Printing

In addition to being an offset printer, Shirley Engraving is a digital printer. Digital Printing is a broad term used to describe any type of printing from a computer file. Digital Printing is largely toner based, although it can also be liquid ink based. Digital Printing equipment can be black and white or it can be color. Digital Printing can be produced on low cost, low production equipment or it can be produced on million dollar, high production equipment.

The main advantage to digital printing versus offset printing is that very little setup is required because digital printing prints directly from a file. This production efficiency means faster turnaround times (up to same day), lower costs for small production volumes (1,000 sheets or less) and affordability for very small production volumes (100 sheets or less).

Another significant advantage to digital printing is the ability to print variable data. This means that text and/or graphics can be changed on each sheet printed. This capability enables you to market directly to your customers in a personalized, one to one basis.

The downside of digital printing is that it does not produce the fine quality of offset printing. The image quality of offset printing is simply better today than digital printing. In addition, as the quantity of required printed sheets increases, digital printing becomes less and less economically competitive versus offset printing. Moreover, somewhere around 1,000 sheets (depending upon the project) printing digitally becomes more expensive than offset printing.

Digital printing is generally a good fit for fliers, postcards, posters, promotional materials and short run booklets with bleeds. Shirley Engraving’s cadre of digital printing machines can print on two sides simultaneously (perfecting) and offer inline finishing capabilities, including 3 hole punching, corner stapling and saddle stitching books up to 60 pages plus cover. If for whatever reason your project can’t be finished inline, we can accurately score, cut and finish your sheets in our bindery, just as if they were offset printed.

If you are unsure whether digital printing or offset printing is best for your project, don’t worry. Simply call your Shirley Engraving Printing Consultant to discuss your project. Your Printing Consultant will be happy to provide you experienced recommendations to maximize the best possible outcome for your needs.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the highest quality printing available and it is the method Shirley Engraving has demonstrated mastery level expertise over three decades. The term offset refers to the specific technique utilized to apply ink into the paper.

Shirley Engraving offers a broad spectrum of offset printing services by operating an extensive set of equipment that ranges in capability from small format presses for shorter runs to full size presses for medium to longer runs. Whether your project is a full-color marketing brochure or two-color corporate letterhead, Shirley Engraving has the right equipment to best produce your project.

Shirley Engraving’s vast and strategic assortment of presses allows us to produce your project in any quantity with the highest possible quality in the most cost efficient manner. Our presses are capable of perfecting (the ability to print on both sides of the sheet in one pass instead of having to make two passes through the press) and printing in 2 color, 4 color or 6 color with in-line aqueous coating. Each press is maintained to the most exacting tolerances and routine maintenance is performed regularly.

More important than the presses however are the craftsmen who operate them. The Shirley Engraving team of press operators is composed of skilled and experienced experts in the craft of quality printing. These operators are masters at maintaining ink consistency and coverage, providing accuracy and meeting tight deadlines. The average pressman at Shirley Engraving has 30 years experience in the printing industry and has been with Shirley Engraving for over 10 years.

Wide Format

Wide-format graphics are a major component of communications spending and generally represent 15% or more of a marketer’s budget. Once upon a time, marketers thought of wide format graphics in terms billboards for of out-of-home advertising.

Now however, wide format graphics are everywhere including backlit displays, banners, building wraps, exhibition displays and signage, point-of-purchase, posters, shopping mall signage, transit posters, truck side advertisements, scaffolding covers and wall murals. This market is growing as advertising moves closer to the location in which the purchase decision is made (retail stores, buildings, etc.).

In virtually any size, Shirley Engraving can design and provide your wide format graphic needs and deliver the hardware and/or services you need to make the impact you desire.

Marketing mediums include:

  • Banners
  • Pop-up Displays
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Outdoor Displays
  • Indoor Displays
  • Static Clings
  • Window Clings
  • Wall Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Fine Art Posters
  • Backlit Displays
  • Duratrans
  • Custom Cut-Outs