About Shirley Engraving

Since 1920, Shirley Engraving has led the way as a nationally-renowned printer of fine printing and stationery.

A Place In History

As one of the few engraving companies still in existence today, Shirley Engraving has perfected the old-world craftsmanship processes that distinguished audiences recognize and appreciate – complete with an engraving press built in 1928!

Over the years, Shirley Engraving has had the honor of being part of significant moments in history. In 1953, the company engraved invitations for President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Inaugural Ball – and, over fifty years later, did the same for President George W. Bush’s second Inaugural Ball. Today, Shirley Engraving continues to provide high-end printing along with its integrated branding and communications services to over 300 loyal clients.

Shirley Engraving is a proud part of Priority Group, an integrated brand delivery platform helping companies grow their brands in channels people see, touch, feel and experience.

Committed to Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing

Shirley Engraving has a long-standing commitment to sustainable manufacturing and reducing our environmental impact by conserving energy and natural resources. We are FSC® Certified and G7 Certified. FSC Certification promotes responsible forestry management, and FSC Certified paper is proof that paper has followed an environmentally sustainable chain of custody from the forest floor to our pressroom floor. All sources that bear the FSC® trademark are from responsibly maintained forests, certified by the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council®. The FSC® product label allows consumers worldwide to recognize products and companies that support responsible forest management worldwide.

G7 Certification also supports sustainable manufacturing. This color management methodology shrinks our environmental footprint by efficiently matching press sheets to proofs, lowering set-up paper waste.

Shirley Engraving recycles paper, corrugate, plates, wooden pallets, metal dies, and unused inks. Whenever possible, we choose environmentally-friendly materials. Our offset inks are soy and vegetable-based, and our house papers are manufactured with 10% post-consumer waste.

Old-world Craftsmanship
Contemporary Design

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